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First check if the email went to the “spam” folder. If not, wait about ten minutes and contact Eneino directly to solve the problem.

The default payment is paypal, it is made AFTER the booking got accepted (check your email) and not before, as someone may have booked before you. The payment must be done through Paypal even if you book other coaches.

It is Highly reccomended to always both order and pay here especially if you’re booking for another coach besides Eneino since all the bookings will have a specific calendar on the website and it will be fairly easier for both the coach and the customer to understand each other. 

Be on time for the coaching! If you are late to the coaching session, the coach will wait for you for 10 minutes. After that, the coaching session is considered completed, and there is no refund possible. If you want to reschedule you need to let the coach you have booked with know as early as possible. We allow to reschedule sessions once per booking, as the coaches have schedule their time as well, I am sure you understand we have to draw a line somewhere to make the best use of our time as well.

For any other questions contact me directly through email: or contact me directly through Discord if you have booked a coaching session!